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OMS Stripper Poles is for all types of occasions. Whether you’re planning a party, or you are a fitness guru, a homemaker, or a dancer, we have the perfect pole for you!
OMS Stripper Poles has dancer poles that are produced to the highest standards. OMS Stripper Poles are stainless steel poles and removable poles/ portable poles. Our chrome dancer poles are fun, safe, and great for fitness workouts! Our portable poles do not permanently attach to the floor or ceiling and can be easily put up and taken down in minutes. These top-of-the-line stripper poles are used in aerobic striptease classes and home pole parties around the world.
We can deliver, install, and pickup your stripper pole rental. Set up in nightclubs, bars, ballrooms, homes, or even in the privacy of your hotel room. Our stripper pole rentals are perfect for your private parties. OMS Stripper Poles will turn your party into the most popular event of the year, leaving a lasting impression with your guests.

   *  The OMS Stripper Poles ceiling height range from  2.2m (7'2'') to          2.6m (8'6'') in height.

   * No ceiling fixings needed

   * Suitable for all levels of dancer - from beginners to pros

Free Delivery, Set-up, and Pick-up within 20 mile
* Pole Rental for Pickup $75.00
* Pole Rental for Delivery and Pickup $125.00
* Pole Rental 2-poles for 6-hours, 1-Instructor for 2-hours and   Music and Lighting. $300.00
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