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Memberships are now required in order to ensure that our guests have the best possible experience at an Open Minds event. Members may bring one non-member couple or single women with them to the event as guests, but they should also apply to become members.At this time membership is FREE!!!!!! If you want to attend an Open Minds event, DO NOT WAIT to apply until the event. We check on membership applications almost daily.  Please apply several days before trying to attend to insure that your membership application is processed properly. We will NOT check on any applications after 5pm on the day of the event! Open Minds is not for everyone. We reserve the right to refuse applications or entry to our events to anybody for any reason. Before applying to attend an Open Minds’ event, Please Read!!!!

Open Minds is not your average Lifestyle Event.  It is rare that a lifestyle party anywhere in America focuses on catering to the younger, club savvy, sexually sophisticated and beautiful crowd... Open Minds is here to do just that.

Open Minds is attended by couples in committed relationships, married people, lovers, friends who like to have fun together. Everyone that comes to Open Minds comes with playfulness and adventure in mind. Most of our guests fall between the ages of 25 and 40. Single men are never allowed entry into Open Minds. Open Minds represents the youngest lifestyle parties around, as well as the largest percentage of single women at a lifestyle event around.  While most of the women who attend Open Minds are bisexual, Open Minds caters to all women.Beyond being an amazing on-premise social space for the lifestyle community, have fun.  Our guests are an wonderful mix of interesting people interested in the lifestyle and enjoying a fantastic time with one another in the sexy, safe and erotic environment we've created.Open Minds represents the cream of the lifestyle communityin the Washington, DC area.  There's nothing more appealing then confidence - so guests are encouraged to use their imagination and wear what makes them feel most sexy.  When dressing the party you should express sexiest.  It's not every night that you can dress as wildly and daringly...take advantage of it! We expect our guests to be well mannered, fashionably dressed, sexy and attractive. 

1) Fill out the Application Form  COMPLETELY. Failure to COMPLETELY fill out the Application Form WITH PHOTOS will result in your membership denial. After you fill out the first page of the application and click submit.
2)  Be sure to email us a RECENT photos of you and your partner. Photos will remain private and discreet. We want pics that represent your body, image, look, etc...
3) Fill out the Description Area. Let us know a bit about who you are, and why you would like to attend the an Open Minds event.   Failure to fill out the Description Area may result in your membership denial.

Due to anti-spam filters! If for some reason you do not hear from us about your application within a few days, e-mail us at MANY applications are never fully reviewed because photos were not forwarded. DO NOT RE-APPLY. Simply e-mail us and we'll work it out. We are just starting the membership process.  Please bear with us if we do not get back to you right away with your confirmation.  All applications will be thoughtfully reviewed as quickly and efficiently as possible.   If you are accepted as a member, then you will receive information with directions that will be very important to follow.

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